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We are pleased to report that from 4th July 2020 we will re-open for bookings of Clotted Cream Cottage and Oak Tree Lodge. The cottage has been recently refurbished and we are keen to welcome guests once again to enjoy its charm and beauty.


However, it is vitally important that we do so in a way that safeguards all guests and our property management / cleaning company. We have been in discussions with our property management company and other property lettings businesses to formulate a strategy to enable holiday bookings to be go ahead without undue risk.


We are therefore introducing some new measures and changes to the way the cottage has operated in the past, and we welcome co-operation and support of this from all guests.


1. Firstly the check in time of 3.00p.m. will be put back to 5.00p.m. This is to allow our cleaners extra time to carry out the deep clean necessary to prepare the property for your arrival. If you arrive prior to this, you may find that the property is still in the process of being cleaned and you will be asked to stay away until such times as they have finished and safely vacated. 


2. Similarly, the check out time of 10.00a.m. is to be brought forward to 9.00a.m. for the same reasons. Unfortunately, during this time, we are unable to sanction any ‘late check out’ requests.


3. Prior to your check in, the property will have been deep cleaned using commercial grade cleaning products (Steri 7 Extra). This is a high level biocidal disinfectant. The property will also be treated with a ULV Disinfecting Fogger Sprayer machine. This is a piece of specialist equipment that requires the user to wear full PPE and use specific disinfectant solution. As such, as well as the normal cleaning charge there will be an additional charge of £45 to pay for this. The alternative is to have a 3 day gap between each check out and check in - which would in effect mean we would have to cancel the first 3 days of your stay - and this is not an option.


4. In order for the Disinfecting Fogger machine to have maximum affect, we require guests to strip beds prior to departure so that the spray can reach mattresses & pillows. We ask that you put all laundry including towels, tea towels and hot tub towels into a black bin liner and tie the top. The bags will be provided to you. This means that the property management company will be able to remove this for cleaning without needing to touch the fabrics themselves.


5. We will be reducing the number of kitchen appliances, crockery and utensils made available in the kitchen. This is because the Fogger machine will not reach into kitchen cupboards and between plates. Instead you will find sufficient plates / mugs, cutlery etc for your stay - but no spares. On departure guests must put all used crockery, cutlery, saucepans, dishes etc into the dishwasher. If guests wish to bring their own crockery and glasses etc - this is perfectly fine.


6. All rubbish must be removed from the property prior to departure and placed in the outside dustbins. This includes the waste paper bin in the bathroom and any other rubbish in bedrooms.


7. There will be no personal contact from our property management company. If you have any issues during your stay, we ask that you contact them by phone or text (or alternatively by email to myself) and we will do our upmost to sort this out for you. Call outs to the property during your stay will not be possible under any circumstances.


8. Should any guest, member of their family or party due to stay at the cottage experience any symptoms of COVID-19 they must NOT travel and come and stay. This puts us, our property management company and future guests at risk of infection. Instead, please contact us and we will discuss options such as moving your booking to a future date or agreeing a refund.


9. In proceeding with the booking you are agreeing to comply with these measures and in addition you agree you will not hold the owner, managing agent or cleaning company liable in any way should you subsequently catch COVID-19 following your visit to the cottage and the area. 


10. Should you not comply with the measures outlined above, we reserve the right to withhold deposit monies accordingly. If this sounds harsh, it is only in the interests of safety for all.


All these measures are there to protect ALL GUESTS and their families. We want to allow guests to continue with their holiday plans but we must do so in a responsible and professional way.

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